spotremoval branche

Thank you for implementing the task removal tool from Rawtherapee.
It is quite efficient on negative stains, even if it offers less ergonomics than the mask brush tool. Indeed, the shape of the spot is only round and does not adapt itself unfortunately to the scratches that can appear on a scanned negative.
But thank you very much @agriggio and @Daniel_Catalina for your work and your listening ! :pray:

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@agriggio My old memory says that in ancient times (i.e. in the analog era),
we could use something called wet scanning. Evidently, the fluid camouflaged
all (or at least many) scratches…

For a single scratch, a little grease would be sufficient to diffuse the light enough to make the scratch invisible. You obtained that grease by dragging the tip of your long finger at the base of your nose…

Could that become two new modules in ART? :slight_smile:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Also many thanks to @Hombre, he did the hard work, I just steal it from him :slight_smile:

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@Claes I have no idea what you are talking about, I’m afraid :slight_smile:
I’ll have to get educated I suppose…

PM sent…

My pleasure if my code has been useful in any way.


I had a short glimpse at this feature yesterday and it looks really good for a first shot. I hope to do some more testing later today.

Thank you very much for you work @Daniel_Catalina @Hombre @agriggio


Hello Claes, I know what you are talking about! Wet scanning and nose grease, that’s just like the barman of a jazz café in the place where I was born did with his vinyls, wash them with beer or water, that works !

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hi @agriggio. I don’t see any possibility of removing a spot that was placed by mistake. Resetting the spot removes all the spots in place and not the last one placed. Could you put this possibility of removing a spot that we could choose ?

it seems to me that at the beginning I could remove a spot with a central click (or right…???) by clicking on it. am I dreaming?

On the other hand, it seems that a right click on a spot causes the software to crash in my case.

Curious, this works quite fine for me. But I remember having some issues before cleaning the cache from the ‘master’ version. Maybe this is the problem also for you? I just deleted it and had no issues anymore …

the crash arrives on the spotremoval branch, by right-clicking on a task deletion spot. Does the same thing happen to you?
I emptied the cache, and it doesn’t change anything…

update: it seems that the update of the master version on AUR, has solved the problem of the crash on the spotremoval version (???) and indeed, a right click on a spot allows to delete it… I continue my tests, and sorry for the false alarm if ever everything works…!

Hi all,
I installed ART version 1.2-64, and I have a question about spot removal:
is it normal that when the button is pressed (to operate on points) the lens geometric correction is disabled? Is it a bug, or is it normal?

it’s normal.

ok, thanks.
I have a G7X, and with the wide angle the image is a lot different between corrected and not corrected, so it’s a little bit disorienting…
anyway, it’s a fantastic tool, thanks a lot for your work…