Spring landscape @ Lainzer Tiergarten

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Turned my attention to the greens, browns and the road.

lainzer.tiergarten.olympus.e-m10.orf.xmp (8.3 KB) darktable 3.0.2

Thanks for sharing, lovely shot!

PS: Did you post the correct RAW? Your jpeg seems to have a bit more real-estate on the right side then mine (the bend tree in yours isn’t fully in mine, no crop on my side at all).


That’s strange. According to the file name it is the same raw.
Edit: have you activated some distortion correction or so? I have not.

This seems to be a bug.

If I load P4170435.orf in darktable 3.0.1, 3.0.2 or 3.1.0 a slice of the right side is removed. If I load this shot in 3.0.0 this doesn’t happen.

Which version are you using?

EDIT: Also does not happen with version 2.6.3

I jumped the gun: This happened due to the lens-correction module. This is turned on by default for my latest versions. Sorry for the noise!

I think I have some not quite fresh version of 3.1 here.

I’ll do some more testing later on.

EDIT: I did test it and found out that this is the lens-correction module’s behaviour.

Thanks for sharing DT 3.0.1

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told you

Hello, a version made with Art 1.2

P4170435.orf.arp (10,7 Ko)


Thanks for the image. The sky was quite difficult to develop.

P4170435.orf.xmp (19.5 KB)

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@betazoid Thanks for the beautiful image

Here I tried to emphasize all the beautiful texture and depth without crushing all the awesome shadow detail. The sky was not actually as blown as I initially thought it would be and it was not too difficult to recover. The hard part was trying to prevent some false color halos in the leaves. I needed to go with Amaze+VNG4 with a false color suppression step. The false color issue is by no means your fault I found that quite common when you get fine textures like leaves against a blue sky. Hopefully you enjoy my rendition.

RT 5.8 (Click the image to few in larger size looks much better then the thumbnail. Even better if applied to the raw in RT.)… I hate Jpeg lol.

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In my opinion it is bad idea to preserve the sky, because the attempts to do so deteriorate the realism of the scene and because it is not an essential element.

Technical note: this RAW file is a good example for noticeable color shifts caused by Avoid color shift in RawTherapee.

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P4170435.pfi (38.0 KB)

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a-P4170435-4.jpg.out.arp (13.3 KB)

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RT 5.8

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This !

Thank you for the play.
With GIMP and G’MIC:

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My try. Thank you for sharing!

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Well, don’t know whether/how many of you remember LGM2019: of course I got a sunburn (on my neck), but not in my face because I wore a hat.