Stacking data from different cameras

Hi. It’s my understanding from looking through this forum that SiriL supports stacking images from different camera (e.g. Processing data from different cameras/sensors)
However I have an existing project with a number of sessions taken on a OSC camera, and I just got a newer cooled OSC camera and collected some data on my original target with the new camera.
However when I went to add this to my project (I’m using SiriL via Sirilic), I get an error that says “All sequences must be the same format for merging. Sequence `…/S05/IMAGES/pp_images’ is different”.
Does anyone know what this means?
Is it because the images are from different cameras, or is it something else entirely?

Hi and welcome!
I’m not sure this is possible with sirilic. The registration is able to take images of different dimensions, not stacking, so it’s at the registration step that the images are supposed to be realigned and cropped. I’m not sure if the cropping is automatic either…

Ok. So after registration I may be able to manually crop the larger images down. I’ll look into that. Thanks.