stacking error: latest git

kubuntu 20.04.3
commit 5b8b06b1

The following error occurs upon stacking:

log: Normalization computation time: 1.39 ms.
image size: 5208x3476, 1 layers
cfitsio was compiled with multi-thread support, stacking will be executed by several cores
log: Using 5495 MB memory maximum for stacking
log: We have 4 parallel blocks of size 869 (+0) for stacking.
Block 0: channel 0, from 0 to 868 (h = 869)
Block 1: channel 0, from 869 to 1737 (h = 869)
Block 2: channel 0, from 1738 to 2606 (h = 869)
Block 3: channel 0, from 2607 to 3475 (h = 869)
allocating data for 4 threads (each 397 MB)
log: Starting stacking…
log: Error reading one of the image areas
log: Pixel rejection in channel #0: 0.000% - 0.000%
free and close (0)
log: Rejection stacking complete. 23 images have been stacked.
log: Integration of 23 images:
log: Pixel combination … average
log: Normalization … multiplicative
log: Pixel rejection … Sigma Clipping
log: Rejection parameters … low=5.000 high=2.000
log: Background noise value (channel: #0): 225.610 (3.443e-03)
log: Saving FITS: file pp_Flat_stacked.fits, 1 layer(s), 5208x3476 pixels, 32 bits
number of filtered-in images: 23
number of filtered-in images: 23
log: Execution time: 3.48 s.

Producing this output:

Works fine with version 1.0.2, da080c4
Thanks and HTH

Hello, thx for the report. We already have a ticket on it but we couldn’t reproduce so far.

Do you know what commit introduced the bug?


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This commit is the last commit. But I’m pretty sure this commit did not introduced the bug.

@alacant, Just fixed smthg, can you give another try with 5edf0af0?

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Yes. fixed in 5edf0af0