State of the Libre Graphics 2019 Presentation (Call for Content)

Howdy all!

I’ve been pinged by @ale to make sure I notify anyone interested in presenting just a couple of slides on your projects and it’s status to the audience at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2019 in Germany.

@Morgan_Hardwood and @heckflosse - Do you want to submit a couple of slides for inclusion in the larger “State of the LG” presentation that kicks off LGM? Please let them know and submit something! (I can try to find some time to put something together if you want to get me the talking points.).

@Carmelo_DrRaw - This includes you as well! They’re looking for some Photoflow slides to update the project status to everyone!

@ggbutcher - not sure if you have anything you’d like to include for your work or not?

@CarVac - I’m assuming you have something already submitted? If not, PING! :slight_smile:

@David_Tschumperle or possibly @Reptorian would y’all like to include some updates as well?

@devernay - this might be a good opportunity to update/raise awareness!

Anyone I may have missed - this is an opportunity to report on your work in the Libre Graphics world to the wider community and raise awareness!
They only need three slides total updating status from the past year, and possibly future plans.

I’ll be putting together a larger set of community slides to update on things here in general. I’m happy to try and help put something together (time permitting, of course).

I can’t go, but you could pass a message that I am working on adding new filters for Krita 4.2 like High Pass, Luminosity Mask, and whatever filters I could code up despite my lack of coding skills in C++. I also would be open to team up on working on lazy selection using global matting algorithm. I have already added 25+ blending mode, and a new basic selection mode called “symmetric difference”, and successfully made a basic version of guassian high pass though I will extend it. I may also work on a 5x5 version of high pass with the only thing that’s changeable is the contrast of it.

Should I submit one of these when I’m doing a full presentation?

Yes, this is for the first “talk”. It was introduced to avoid all of the “what we have done in the last year” talks.

I will provide a couple of slides about PhotoFlow. Maybe focusing on the recent work on shadows/highlights adjustment and tone mapping…

Here is a my (quick) proposal for the G’MIC project.
I don’t have much time for doing more polished, to be honest.


Good enough. If that cute lion isn’t enough to convince the crowd, I don’t know what will. Oh wait, style transfer is awesome!

I still have to write the speaker’s note.
No time right now, but do not hesitate if you have an idea on how to start! :stuck_out_tongue:


so I have a few questions and ideas concerning the meeting resp. the nature photography workshop I offered to host. But I am not sure where they actually belong. I figured that my thoughts might be interesting for others as well so I am writing this in a “public” place.

  1. I am not sure whether I am supposed to contribute something to the “State of libre graphics”. My workshop is 100% practical, it is not about developing software or ideas/plans for new features. Nevertheless, I would like the participants to be well prepared. 1) a) I would like to share a few raw files about 1 week before my workshop. The participants should have a look at them and try to edit them on their own so they come with own ideas to the workshop that we can discuss together. I do not want the workshop to be a 2-hour-workflow-presentation. So the question is, where should I share the files. I definitely do not want to discuss their editing here, i.e. on PlayRaw or so. And although I am willing to share my raws, this does not mean that they are “free” (to use for anything and everything). And the participants should be able to bring/provide own files for editing as well. 1) b) Of course I would like the participants to be equipped with all the software that we might use (=several programs). So basically, I would like to inform the participants which software they should be equipped with. Which leads to

  2. What can we expect from the organizers as far as hardware, devices etc. is concerned? What kind of rooms will be provided for the workshops? Will everybody (or most participants) get a computer? What kind of software will be on those computers? Or should everybody bring his own computer? I guess there will be at least a beamer, but what kind of beamer (calibrated or not?) What will we be able to demostrate with the hardware? I will bring my own laptop, but I do not know whether I will be able to use it for the workshop, because if there is a 4-K-beamer, everything will probably be very slow and of course I would not want that.

  3. In theory I have a few ideas for a or my “state of libre graphics” such as some before-after slides etc. So nothing extraordinary really. But, again, I do not know if this really belongs to a “state of libre graphics”.

So, I was thinking that maybe I could write the “prepartion” info part to my contribution to “the state of libre graphics”?

What do you think?

Regards from Vienna

very cool

The “State of the Libre Graphics” is primarily intended for FOSS projects in general to update their status to the community overall (but it couldn’t hurt to include something if you really feel it’s worth it!).

I would reach out to the local organizers to make sure if you need specific rooms or workspaces, and whatever else you may need (tables, etc). I’m not sure what they have or if they’ve already set those spaces aside or not, but it’s worth asking (I’m mentioning @ale just to be safe in case there’s something I’m missing). The local organizer is Soenke (

You can also ask on the LGM list:

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thanks, just a quick question: is Soenke’s email or Klein would make more sense in German at least.

hi @betazoid

it’s @ kein . org and makes much sense in german, if you think about it : - )

indeed, for room and infrastructure questions, please reach out the local organizers (soenke or aude) through the LGM mailing list or by using the contact information on the website:

ok, thanks. yea, kein makes sense as well but I just thought that klein might be a more common last name than kein :stuck_out_tongue:
but apparently it’s not his last name.