Statements on where bug reports and feature requests belong



Poor @Morgan_Hardwood, having to remind people where these reports and requests belong. Poor me, having to read the same thing over and over again.

The thing is: I suspect that many people don’t go to the RawTherapee category page to see the “Please do not file…” statement and read the pinned post.


(Pat David) #2

Well, the problem is that there’s really no good mechanism for this use case outside of pinning a topic globally on the entire forum.

Actually, wait. Now that I think about it we might be able to use templates for posts into the RawTherapee category that could notify people. I’ll look at it tomorrow and check that the RT team is ok with it. It might be a good solution.


Thanks. I have a lot of meta thoughts. Only this one managed to come out so far.

(Roel) #4

How feasible is it to actually open up a forum for (potential) bug reports? Or maybe a tag?
A forum like this can still be vastly more accessible to most than GitHub…

(Pat David) #5

Technically there’s no reason we can’t. It’s really up to the project team and how they want to handle things. Bugs reported here don’t have a tie into githubs issues have or assignments.

I’ll poke around later and see what’s up.


As far as im concerned, its more important to file a complete/useful bugreport than put it in the right place. Not everyone has/wants a github account, and there are always bug screeners who can escalate things who know how to use github. If a template for bugs would be added, it should explicitly set out the expectations, not just the link to what is a complete bug report. There’s my dos centavos.