Suggestion on rating images

When it comes to rating in darktable I find it annoying to use the arrow key to jump to the next image (in fullview mode) so my suggestion is to implement a ‘auto-jump to next image’. Beside darktable for its development capabilities I use xnview to rate the images cause it has the ability to simply click the rating rating number and automatically jumps tothe next image. It would be great to have his in darktable.
I’m thinking of an option in the options menu.Some like a checkbox named ‘Autojump to next image for rating and color label’

When you want to rate images, set the light table view to only show unrated. Rate the image. It disappears and selects the next. Repeat until you have no more images to rate.


Thank you. Thats a nice workaround when there is no rating. But what about images I already rated in the past but now want to rerate? I’ve realized that images I rated in the past would not get the same rating now :slight_smile:

Set the rating to =1 or something like that and have at it.

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