Suggestions for editing and exporting RAW for Instagram?

(Randy Thomae) #1

I apologize if I missed a previous topic on this subject - I have spent some time searching to no avail.

First before my question, I want to thank the community for creating darktable - it is amazing and so is the community.

I am looking for advice on recommended edits and export settings for posting to Instagram (from RAW). Something like the following article:


(Mica) #2

I don’t see anything in there that is not in the Export module of the Light table view.

sRGB jpg with a max height of 1200 and width of 1080.

(Randy Thomae) #3

Thanks for your reply.


  • Lightroom’s Quality slider should be set at 76% – the algorithmic sweet spot between file size and image quality.
  • OR, you can limit File Size to 1600 kb – some say this narrowly avoids Instagram’s file size compression algorithm.

Does anyone have experience with specific settings that have achieved great results with the algorithm? While the above article mentions sizes that trigger compression, Instagram’s help site claims that they don’t exist:

Has anyone experienced this?