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I come back to the possibility of printing directly in art. I read that you use certain parts of darktable.
There is a printing section in darktable and also in ansel with the icc settings. Can’t you include it in art that comes from free software. This would avoid switching from one software to another to print.
Another point regarding profiles. How to create multiple profiles on the same image without saving it.
Let me explain.
I process a raw image without taking into account the output (screen, printer or other). I would like to create a general profile for this single image. i.e. an arp file. Then I apply settings for an output (printer for example) If I save the image I will have an arp file linked to this image but I will lose the previous arp file for the image that I processed without correction for the printer. This would allow this image to be corrected and printed with another printer if necessary.
I can’t find the possibility of having several arp files for the same image. Is it possible.


you can have multiple snapshots inside the same arp file:
Screenshot from 2024-05-06 12-55-25


A new question:
Is it possible to rename instances in local processing rather than just having numbers (in order to recognize them without having to deactivate/reactivate them)?


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You mean this?
Screenshot from 2024-06-10 10-54-40

with the name showing up here:
Screenshot from 2024-06-10 10-54-27

I definitely wasn’t looking in the right place.
And thank you again for this fabulous software.