Support for Olympus E-PL6 & M.Zuiko 17mm/1.7 ?

See screenshot below of opening the RAW file - it has a purple cast & haze to the whole image. It opens correctly in DT & RT.
Is the E-PL6 supported in Photoflow?
edit : photoflow-git version - 1:2.6+git20170611-978~ubuntu16.04.1

(It is not my image, it is one uploaded to another forum for a PP challenge, so I can’t upload it here for examination)

I will have a look in few hours… if it is supported by DT, then it must work in PhF as well.

More news ASAP.

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Confirmed with the test image from, I’m digging…

@savvy I fixed the issue with the E-PL6, which was actually a more general mistake in the handling
of per-channel black levels.

You should get a working version with the next package update in the PPA…

Thanks for reporting this, and for helping to make PhotoFlow better!

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Thanks. I’ll look out for the update.

@Carmelo_DrRaw, I can confirm that 1:2.6+git20170613-987~ubuntu16.04.1 fixes the problem.

Thanks for the quick response.

OT : why does the above package say 2.6, but i get 0.2.8 from the “photoflow --version” command?