Synchronize Settings between multiples devices

I’m currently setting up darktable on my laptop.
Mainly to use it as a device for tethering shots and quick edits when I’m traveling, as I do have a more powerful desktop PC at home.

Now I’ve reached a point, where I’d like to copy all my settings (shortcuts, presets, default modules, etc) from my desktop PC to my laptop.
Which files do I need to sync between my machines to achieve this?
I’m guessing the shortcutsrc file and styles-directory are a good start, but would that be enough?

Thanks for you help in advance!

In preferences you can export and import shortcuts and presets… This can be a safer way than trying to sync two installs on different machines… There are settings sprinkled between data.db darktablerc shortcutsrc and library.db… Library is more specific for image location, thumbs and edits.

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  • Shortcuts live in:
  • Most settings in:
    ~/.config/darktable/data.db. That includes:
    • locations
    • presets
    • styles
    • tags

Even if I remove the directory ~/.config/darktable/styles, all my styles remain available. But I guess copying that directory will not hurt.

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Oh wow, thanks. I didn’t see that when scrolling through the settings!