Temporary leave of absence

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that I will be having a break from frequenting this forum and being available for RawTherapee related stuff. I will be moving to a new home soon, while simultaneously having to finish two important projects for work. This will need to have my full attention, for obvious reasons.
I expect to be back at the end of July, beginning of August at the latest.

In the meanwhile, take care! You’re an excellent community to be part of :smiley:



Sounds both exciting and busy…have a great summer…

Disappointed that it isn’t a lunar landing. Oh well, come back wiser (and with the maintainer if you can find him in your journeys). Joking aside, we will miss you for a couple of months.

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Enjoy and thanks for the heads up!

Real life stuff does get in the way at times.

Hope you can have a good time moving into and furnishing your new home and that the projects you’re working on are finished on time and more then satisfactorily!

Thanks for the heads up - and it’s greatly appreciated that you let everyone know.

Good luck with the move! If you were on this side of the Atlantic I’d offer to lend you my power tools. :slight_smile:

thanks for letting us know :+1:. Have a interesting time, good luck and i hope to find yo back healthy and powerful in august :slight_smile: