Terrible colors from Fuji X-T20. What is wrong ?

(Ilya.Var) #1

I am trying to use RT for the development of Fuji X-T20 files.
These files look extremely desaturated been compared with ones from X-T10.
Increasing vibrance helps but the total image still have dull look.

What I am doing wrong ? Is X-T20 really supported by RT ?

Add compatible dcp profiles
(Alberto) #2

Hi, any chance of getting a sample RAW file (maybe with a pp3 as well) showing the problem? Thanks!

(Ilya.Var) #3

These are 2 examples

(Ilya.Var) #4

These files being converted to DNG show very good colors.
The difference IMHO is in color profiles. Adobe add it to DNG file during conversion process.
When RT opens RAW XT20 files directly it seem to apply wrong profiles to it (maybe from X-T2 ?).
When RT opens DNG, it takes profile which was attached by DNG converter and the color is correct.

(Alberto) #5

Thanks. As suspected, the problem is a missing DCP profile for the camera. Possible solutions/workarounds

  1. (the proper solution): provide a DCP profile for your camera. See http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/How_to_create_DCP_color_profiles
    I’m sure @ilias_giarimis and/or @Morgan_Hardwood can give further info about that

  2. use the DCP profile for the X-T10 that is shipped with RT, assuming the two cameras behave similarly. Just select it from the share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles folder of the RT installation.

  3. use a third-party DCP profile for your camera, e.g. one of those shipped with the Adobe DNG converter. More info at http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/How_to_get_LCP_and_DCP_profiles


(Ilya.Var) #6

Using profile from Adobe DNG converter solved the problem.
Maybe I’ll try to build DCP profile later.

Thank you.

(Sebastien Guyader) #7

You can try the DCP profile for the X-Pro2 camera, which ships with RT. I use it for my X-T2 it’s fine (these 3 cameras share the same sensor and processing engine).

(Ilya.Var) #8

This profile is not so good imho. So I took color checker and made the better one :wink:


(Morgan Hardwood) #9

@viv could you please send us the raw files of the chart shots under daylight + tungsten light so that we can include a DCP for the Fujifilm X-T20 in RawTherapee?
Shooting instructions here: http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/How_to_create_DCP_color_profiles#Shooting_the_color_target

(Ilya.Var) #10

These are the files:

(Sebastien Guyader) #11

What do you mean by “is not so good”? A dcp profile is not supposed to make pleasant colors, but to make the color rendition as accurate as possible. What is pleasant for someone may not be pleasant for somebody else, but what is accurate doesn’t depend on someone’s feeling.

(Ilya.Var) #12


(Morgan Hardwood) #13


Both shots exhibit a bizarre tint value in RT. The calibration illuminant tags are in the correct order. Therefore the exteme tint value is probably due to poor or lacking dcraw support. Converted to DNG, the tint value is fine. Can be fixed in camconst.json

The daylight shot looks fine.

The tungsten shot suffers from strong glare, the 24-patch side is too far off-center and the light does not fall on it evenly, this the DCP is not accurate. Could you re-shoot it so that the 24-patch side is in the center of the frame, further away from the light bulb and lit evenly? It should look more or less like this:

(Ilya.Var) #14

I will re-shoot tungsten sample this evening taking your notes into consideration.

(Ilya.Var) #15

Try this tungsten shot please.


(Morgan Hardwood) #16

@viv this shot is not better, you can see from the thumbnail that the light is not even, and you can see from the white reflection in the black plastic frame that there is glare.

Please follow the target shooting instructions: http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/How_to_create_DCP_color_profiles#Shooting_the_color_target

Keep the light at least 1 meter away from the chart so that it covers it more evenly, and position it so that there is no glare.

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(Ilya.Var) #17

I did another effort to make test shots. They are more consistently lit but glare is visible just because the material the target is made of.
Here are 2 shots + my DCP profile made with supplied software.


I hope it helps to add support of X-T20 to RT.

(Morgan Hardwood) #18

Good! Added, will be in RawTherapee 5.2.