Thank you SiriL team

I’ve discovered that in my last weeks on this forum I was posting only request and problems. And I don’t feel comfortable with this “role”, because SiriL has empowered my processing abilities to levels that were imposible to me just a month ago ;).

So, let me use this recent image (processed with SiriL, of course) to give you a big thank you! for create and maintain this wonderful tool

Comet C/2017T2 PANSTARRS near Double Cluster the nights of 26, 29 and 31 of January.


Would you mind sharing some details on your setup and any other remark you see fit?

Sure!. I’m using an old Canon EOS 40D unmodified on a TeleVue-85. I mount them on a Skywatcher AZ GTi mount on equatorial configuration over a photographic tripod. I use a ZWO ASI120MM-S on a white label Chinese 50/190 guidescope to guide.

I use KStars/Ekos with INDI drivers to “drive” all the setup. Each night I’ve taken 20x180" frames at ISO800, darks, bias and flats (between 10 and 20 of each serie).

My processing, all done with SiriL, was straightforward:

  • Calibration of each night frames
  • Alignment and stacking. I use roundness as a filter to left out the bad frames. The SW AZ GTi has some rough behavior sometimes and some frames are unusable
  • Photometric color balance. This is mandatory for DSRL images where the WB is way out!. Or under light polluted skies (like the ones I’m suffering)
  • Asinh transform
  • Multiple histogram transform

I’ve exported one final image for each night, with about the same level on the background. Then I’ve registered those “master frames” and stacked them using the maximum for each pixel.

Cropped and exported to JPEG

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Great, thanks for letting us know your 100% open source workflow!

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That’s great,

It’s beautiful :wink:

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Look here to complete the workflow:


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Thank you for your kind message.

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That’s very kind, thank you! We know that people request help and we are willing to offer it, but it’s always nice to have nice words, especially with a nice picture like yours!

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I completely agree with [Rafa Barbera] : since I discovered SiriL my approach to astro processing has changed completely.
No more hassle and scripts made things so much easier.
And - when needed - there is always somebody at the end of the line.
Thank you SiriL Team for your contribution to the astro community !


Thank you Jean-Claude! It’s nice to see it matters!

Yes thank you for your feedback.