The Light - the Play Raw

As promised, here’s the play Raw for this image. [Capture Challenge] Charge your battery and take some photos - #537 by 123sg
@afre mentioned that there could be a lot of creative potential in this so, see what you can do!

I took on the way back to the car after a presentation I attended and passed this van - it was just parked like this, almost… as if it was worshiping the light pole. :grin: I’m not sure how specific this is to my sense of humour!

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DSC_2455.NEF (21.1 MB)

Thanks for a fun image to play with.
GIMP. Radial gradient and a crop.

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My version… :see_no_evil:

DSC_2455.NEF.xmp (19.5 KB)


My play with “The Light”.

DSC_2455.NEF.xmp (13.7 KB)

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RT 5.9

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