The old windmill somewhere on the Volga

This old mill is part of an open-air museum in Kizhi.

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Nice windmill

0809_Russia_639.NEF.xmp (13.7 KB, dt 3.1)

Added some extra salt with 3D-LUTs:

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Another old camera, nice!

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RT 5.7

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Beautiful old windmill!!

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Basics in RT, then into Gimp.
Used the old luminosoty mask trick to separate sky from ground, then set curves for eahc individually, retouch the transitions between the two.
Then used two color temperatures, a warmer one for the hut and grass and a colder one for the rest.
Then set the overall luminosity and saturation.

0809_Russia_639-2.jpg.out.pp3 (11.9 KB)

Have a look at my noise reduction settings. The trick was to reduce the noise more in the sky and not the other way round. The colors are probably not so good, working on the internal laptop screen.

And this showed up in my Instagram feed tonight…