The perspective tool


I am trying to learn how to use the perspective tool in RT.
Here is the challenge: a rectangular frame which was shot from an angle, and I want it to appear straight.
Here is the original shot

With Darktable, it is easy by dragging handles to the 4 corners to make it appear like this:

Trying to do the same in RT, and either I don’t know how to use the perspective tool properly or the tool doesn’t provide this capability, but I can’t obtain what I want…

Thanks for any help.

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I love how jpg-Illuminator does this.
You can place a grid over your image which then is being aligned orthogonally together with the underlying image:


Well, I am pleased to learn it is not my own incompetence that was the problem…
Yes there are programs that can handle this task at the JPG level, but it would be nice to be able to do it with the RAW file from inside RT. The alternative would be to work the photos that need this with Darktable… Let’s hope the developers find a way to implement something in RT.
This jpg-Illuminator looke nice - is the interface only in German or is there an English or French translation?


I rarely use dt but when I do it is for perspective correction, which shows that they are doing something right.

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(sorry, couldn’t resist)


Wish I were that charismatic. I wonder how that kind of commercial would fly nowadays.

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AFAIK the actual Dos Equis commercials would still fly now.


Didn’t know it lasted that long.

I wonder where dt and FLOSS would be in that kind of time frame. Keep up the good work team! :sunny:

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@cjoliprsf, this program is only in German and as its name says, only for 8-bit per channel.
The straight line tool in RT is great as long as you don’t need to correct trapezoid or even spherical distortion. For aligning in RT it helps to enable Crop and show the rectangular grid over the preview.