The problem with no releases....

Hello, I only reacted to this quote by @Rick. If he prefers the layout and features of RT over Darktable, then I suggest to have a look at Art, as the layout is practical similar and many of the features of RT are still there.

This was not an attempt to “lurk users away from RT”, as I’m not in the business of “growing market share” at all, why should I? One grabs the tool that works, be it RT, DT, Art or dcraw or whatever.

Btw, I worked many years on the RT project: documentation (the first manual for v3.0), translation (Dutch), testing, bug reporting, spam cop for the then RT forum, helping users out, etc, and I still have the latest dev release on my pc so I keep an eye on what’s going on (or !on :wink: ). So not a single intention to discourage people to use RawTherapee.

RawTherapee is absolutely the best RAW editor I’ve tried till now (even with 5.8 version released quite long ago) and it is worrisome to see the stagnation in the development, especially after trying some nightly builds and experiencing their mightiness. I was wondering: would encouraging a donation to specifically RT development improve the situation ?


@paulmatth and @agriggio I know you both have been valuable members of the dev team and don’t doubt your good intentions :slight_smile: We are all still friends here, not part of some competition as @afre puts it.

You are generous to consider donations. My personal view is that it will not help - unless, maybe the donation is on the scale of a month’s salary :wink:

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Time to consider a multi pronged kitchen utensil?

As a humble car mechanic I hardly can imagine myself supporting a software developer…:wink: But I’d gladly donate what I can for the cause.

We are waiting for the maintainer, not donations per se. Anyway, I am glad this discussion has been constructive. There is always the temptation to do the opposite.

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RT works wonderfully, even the 2 year old version. It is a great asset to the opensource world and it would be wonderful if RT remained.

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Photography and image development is great fun for me for over 55 years now… When changing to raw in 2016 I had a look at some raw editors and stuck with RT because it is great. I can’t imagine to work without it. Thanks to all who are involved in the dev. Although coming from IT business I am no developer or maintainer. So the only possible help from my side is to encourage the developers to keep RT alive (wish I could do more). Currently the dev versions are fine for me, don’t need a release, although I know that it is vital for such an excellent software.


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Thanks for all the replies. Here is the rawpedia page with broken links to nightly builds.

The “development build” link simply points back the the same page.

@Barugon You are right, but how do you get to this page specifically? This is a page in the ‘es’ (Spanish) portion of the wiki, however it is written in English and is not linked to by any “official” English page as far as I am aware.
@XavAL do you know more about this?


Well, that’s somehow my fault…

There was a time when people couldn’t easily find proper dev releases and there was a thread where I linked to that specific RawPedia page. Note I wrote it myself, but was not near «official», thus there is no link to it anywhere at RawPedia. Think of it as a temporary patch. In such thread it was suggested that the links should be updated periodically, but honestly I completely forgot about it. Sorry.

I will update links on that «hidden» page, and I will edit my post in the old thread, so hopefully there will be no more misunderstandings.

EDIT: work done. Well, it seems that I can’t edit my old posts, so the old thread remains untouched. Hopefully with the edited RawPedia page, things will be a little clearer.

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I typed “nightly build” into the search field on the left.

@Morgan_Hardwood @Thanatomanic @jdc @heckflosse @Lawrence37
In the near future there seems to be no possibility to get out a 5.9 release of RT. If this is true: would it be an idea to skip the 5.9 release and work on a 6.0 release. Since last release there is a lot of new stuff in dev and there are some PRs that could be merged. in my opinion things like locallab, favorite tab and a lot of additional addons and cleanups legitimate a 6.0 release.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s a 5.9 or a 6.0 - same problem. There isn’t really anything significant that is currently being impacted by the 5.9 feature freeze to my knowledge at the moment (IIRC, the feature freeze does not affect camera support, so anything related to camera support is still going through, such as the LinearizationTable fix for some DNGs), so there isn’t a benefit to “unfreezing”.

Pretty much everything tagged for 6.0 in Pull requests · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub is either a minor UI enhancement or an under-the-hood cleanup, and it would be better to get a release out with what’s currently merged or tagged for 5.9 than to “unfreeze” and wait for those 6.0 items to stabilize. Especially since “unfreezing” doesn’t solve the inevitable problem that 6.0 may eventually have.

I don’t know if @Thanatomanic or @heckflosse have reached out to @Morgan_Hardwood privately to try and get permission for at least a temporary handoff of release responsibilities to them - he’s not really responding to any tagging of his public accounts, I don’t know if they have a better way to reach him. I can understand burnout or wanting to take a break (been there done that), but a handoff to a delegate like Roel or Ingo would’ve been nice (I’ve been 100% retired from a large project I co-founded for years, but in my last year or two on the project I did a lot of focusing on trying to train/mentor potential replacements, and I like to think I did a good job because the project still seems alive and healthy.).


Yes I did. He hasn’t seem to have logged in to Pixls since mid-January though. No replies to any post he has been mentioned in. I sure hope he is all right…


For me, especially regarding “LA”, everything is day with 5.9 (of course we can always improve…). The remaining problem is the evolution of the GUI which is not my competence.

We are in an imbroglio where we wait for an answer from someone who doesn’t answer, and where the actors present are all full of good will, but who don’t have each (a priori) all the competences , or rights (unless I’m wrong) to realize the update towards 5.9

What is the way out?

  • Stay on 5.8 and make official the “rotating” updates (which a priori work). In this case, it would be enough (I don’t know how to do it) to change the Rawtherapee Web home page, with the announcement of the new features, the links to the “rotating” versions (Windows, Linux, MacOS) , whitout changing tag .
  • Or something else?

But this situation is not normal, everyone (developers, contributors, users,…) is waiting, leading to annoyances, disinterest, etc. RT’s image is fading .



We can do that if that is what the team wants. Might be interesting to support a rolling release only.