The Waxing Crescent, the Goddess of Love and I

I went for a ride.

From the top: Elnath (β Tauri), Venus, Aldebaran (α Tauri) and that place we never visited.


@Morgan_Hardwood, great shot.

Did you think about covering the break light by some white paper so that it shines through but with an intensity that matches the light on the horizon? It may make a difference.

Could be worth exploring. Anyhow, that tail light never made it home.


Very nice composition and well managed dynamic, what processing did you use ? Is it a single shot or a composite result ?

Nice photo @Morgan_Hardwood. What’s the bike? :slight_smile:

@clind I composed myself flat on the road and took a single shot, 1/25s ISO1600, aperture probably around f/5.6, manual Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens on a Sony ILCE-7M2 using an adaptor. Minimal processing, mostly just increasing exposure.

@Jonas_Wagner it’s a modified Yamaha XT 600 from `85. I’ll post some shots where it’s more visible in a new thread.