There is no lense correction profiles for sigma 150-600mm f 5-6.3 DG in linux version 5.8

There is no lens correction profiles for sigma 150-600mm f 5-6.3 DG in linux version 5.8, but there is on windows version. I would like to use rawtherapy just on linux, but because of that I need to use it on windows. Please add this lens correction profile to linux version ass well. Thank you.

RawTherapee uses lensfun (or LCP) for its Profiled Lens Correction and is not responsible for it to be up-to-date.

Did you update lensfun on Linux as mentioned in the documentation? This might be done automatically on Windows, hence the discrepancy.

It’s interesting… this lens was added in 2017:

commit daf0e2c2517476d03941bdeba5c1311d48fa9db1
Author: Torsten Bronger <>
Date:   Tue Oct 24 14:40:30 2017 +0200

    Added Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM C.

Is your linux version seeing other lenses? It may be that your linux RT isn’t finding a lensfun database at any of the programmed locations…

Yes, I it can see may other types of lenses, but not the one specified. I have installed rawtherapy from flatpack and from fedora database, but on both there are no the lens correction.

I do not think so. I in windows it was present since installed and without internet connection. I will try to update lensefun.

On flathub, the darktable flatpak has code to pull the latest lensfun profiles on every build. Perhaps fedora could adopt similar?

I use this particular lens myself. Did you try to find it manually in the drop down menu? There’s a nomenclature difference between lensfun and my EXIF data that prevented automatic identification. I had to go into the database and modify the lens data to make it work.

Granted, I’m on a Windows version, but I would imagine the lensfun database is the same, regardless.


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Yes, for me it is the same. I created a separateprocessing profile for the lens so that I would not have to select it manualy all the time. :frowning:

Maybe someone could write down how to update lensfun database for fedora?
I can not understand how to do it and couldn’t find tutorials.

install lensfun-tools package if you don’t have lensfun-update-data command

once you have, run in terminal lensfun-update-data