There will be no [PlayRaw] calendar 2020 (from me), unfortunately …

… but I wanted to share my 2020 templates with you. Here they are (for Scribus):

Unfortunately, due to a lot of very good and very bad things that happened in my life during the last 12 months and the consequential work load, I was not able to compose a calendar for next year. Still, the 5 printed calendars from last year, that I wanted to send to people from the community, are lying somewhere in a packing case and I was not able to send them to somebody. Sad that it went like this, but it was simply not possible to do it (with reasons more on the bad things side). Hopefully, the templates are useful for somebody, but beware that the moon phases may not work for you as they are location dependent.

Looking forward to doing the 2021 calendar next year, but at least to have as much fun on as I did during the last years :smiley:.

Edit: How to use the templates: You can simply drag images onto the placeholder image frames, and resize and move the images within the frames to match your taste. The “" script from here may make this more convenient. Then, decide for left or right side calendar on each page, and simply send the unused one down behind the image. This is the most convenient work flow I found so far.

Edit2: The size of the pages is again compatible with the about ISO A4 sized calendar from the company saal-digital, as I am ordering my calendars there. But it will be easy to adapt the template to the size of another printing company.


Thank you!

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