Third party radio controller for Canon flash


I have a Canon 70D camera, and a 430EX-RT flash. AFAIK RT stands for “radio-transmitter”, but the 70D only does optical control. To fille the gap I could get the official ST-E3-RT transmitter but it’s a bit pricey for rather occasional uses.

Are there OEM equivalents (Yongnuo or else) that give me equivalent functionality (ie, TTL support) and would allow me to control several flashes (Canon, or Yongnuo or equivalent)?

(St.Stephen) #2

There is the Pocketwzard lineup, which includes the MiniTT1, FlexTT5(and/or FlexTT6) and AC3. But they are “a bit pricey” as well. I shoot Nikon and look for deals on used Pocketwizard gear on Ebay. Here in the States, used Canon Pocketwizard gear tends to be a bit cheaper than their Nikon equivalents. Here’s a link that shows how they work. I wouldn’t go with Yongnuo, but that’s just me. Shop around and good luck!


Could you perhaps use 70D’s built-in flash as a Master,
and the 430EX-RT as a Slave?

Just found this interesting link:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


I already do… but this is optical and I would like radio.

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So original I wanted to buy Phottix trigger with a Lumopro LP180R as a flash. But they lacked Fuji support. Which lead me to search for another brand and I ended up with Godox.

The nice part about the Godox flash+trigger combo is that a Fuji Godox trigger also works with the Godox flash for Sony. I am sure it might be similar for other brands like Phottix (and they now have Fuji support).

So when I need more flashes than I currently own I can just borrow more from my friends with Godox flashes.

That said … as soon as you noticed how much more fun it is not to have the weight of the flash on top of your camera all the time, you will never ever use the flash on camera again.

Xpro trigger + 2x TT685 here now.

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With my Canon cameras, I use the original Phottix Odin series with two receivers. They came as a bundle at the time I purchased them. I also bought three other Phottix Strato receivers that were on sale to trigger some old Minolta flashes for some basic additional lighting. I got tired of line of site requirements with the on-camera flash.

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As i know only the Canon ST-E3-RT and the Yongnuo YN-E3-RT speaks the Canon radio protocol.


Yes, Santa is supposed to bring me the YN-E3-RT when he is done with all the belated Xmas deliveries :slight_smile: