This is not a photograph.

This is from before I switched to Linux a few weeks ago. It is a stack of 35 frames for the sky and another frame for the foreground. Th raws were processed with Capture One (oh how I miss it) and then stacked with Sequator.

Blended with the foreground and some light, further processing in Photoshop.


Very nice image, thanks for sharing.
Since you moved to Linux maybe you want to try an alternative workflow with Siril and Gimp. There’s a tutorial in the Articles section.
One remark: I wouldn’t expect the sky to be so noisy, considering this is the result from a 35-frame stack, but maybe I’m missing something.
Disclaimer: I did some three or four nightscapes so far, with a very, very cheap equipment, so I’m completely amateur on this.

All frames were shot at ISO6400. Stacking did reduce a lot of the noise, but not all of it

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