Thumbnail Size Options ???


Before I uninstalled digiKam, in thumbnails view, I had two decent-sized thumbnails showing side-by-side; and, I could easily change this to a single, very large, thumbnail.
These big thumbnails were very handy when keyword tagging as things were much easier to identify.

After the thorough and complete uninstall, and hence the virgin reinstall, the best I can get are three smallish thumbnails per row.
To accomplish getting them view as large as they currently are, I stumbled upon a size-adjusting slider down in the bottom-right corner; moving the slider all the way right changed the view from five little thumbnails to three.

Next to the slider is a greyed-out something-or-other that says 10% = I have no idea what that is about.

I cannot find nor figure out just what I did with the old installation to allow me to see the much larger thumbnails.
Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.

On EDIT: >>> In Settings > Configure > Views, I did find a check-box that says “use large thumbnail size for high screen resolution”
The box is not checked.
Is that what I am looking for ?


I think “Large thumbnail size” means higher resolution not their larger scale.
Try holding Ctrl and scrolling down using the mouse wheel while in the thumbnails view.
I usually also minimize the left panel once I am in the folder I want to work in.


All I can figure is my nice big thumbnails must have been a carryover from an older version that had that ability.
Always before, instead of three smallish thumbnails per row, I had two sizable ones and could quickly switch that to a single large one, much like the Preview, except that the image information displayed and there was no strip of thumbnails across the top.
I have investigated every option in every menu, right-clicked, control-scrolled, and just about everything else I can think of to do and I cannot manage to get my two per row nice easy to see thumbnails.
Sliding both sidebars to their narrowest still only allows three per row; and, once those three reach a certain size, it only widens the empty space.
As best I remember, when I right-clicked Thumbnails, there was an option to set and choose thumbnail size; I don’t have that option anymore.
I never before remember even messing with that slider in the bottom-right and did not know what it did until I went on this quest to get my big thumbnails back.
I am fairly certain that I have screen-shots showing the two big thumbnails, but I can’t figure out how to post them here or even if that is possible.


Are you sure you weren’t using Lightable mode (Ctrl + L) ?


If I was, it wasn’t intentional; I will check it out, but I am fairly certain that it was Thumbnails

Whatever I did years ago to get the bigger thumbnails was straight forward and pretty much self-explanatory; it wasn’t like some hidden mystery feature.

On EDIT:>>> No, it sure wasn’t Light Table; I just investigated.


I can’t find left panel album tumb sizes anymore…

BTW, at least the left panel should be fluid. Or at least with an option to auto-hover open/close.

But best if width would be able to set by self :slight_smile: