Tiled walkway w/ people.

Thought I would make this mosaic more of masonry and less polish. Of course I added some people as well and weathered the bricks as well. :slight_smile:

ref: http://www.fontplay.com/freephotos/seventhn/fp030407-23.jpg

People: https://area-77.com/cliparts/sites/default/files/people-png-transparent-images-146245-994952.png

Hirez: https://1.img-dpreview.com/files/p/E~forums/63722910/86e8fd0c615941caa40e1d4f91c5c0d9


What fun! The only thing is the touristsโ€™ shadows and perspective suspends my belief after 2 secs of viewing.

It looks good but the color between the background and the two men are observable and the shadow is on the right so the sun must be in the left so there should be a much more bright light slightly on the left side.

I agree about the blend; thanks for the feedback. It was pushing 12am when I did render this (like giving excuses; lol). :slight_smile: