Time for a break !

(G'MIC staff) #1

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m currently preparing my defense for the so-called “Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches” (in French) that will held the 3rd of Octobre 2018, in Caen / France.
This is an important milestone in my research career, and I need to focus on it completely.
I’ve already written a habilitation thesis (in French) and I’m now designing the slides for the talk (as, apparently, the reviewers found the manuscript good enough for a defense).

That is to say I’ve really no time these days for doing G’MIC-related stuffs, so please excuse me the delay in replying to the forum messages, doing bug fixes, or fulfilling other requests !

In fact, we have very cool news to share about the G’MIC project, and exciting stuffs and filters to come, but I’ll take time to talk about that next month or so.
Until then, I’ll probably be silent as if I were dead ! (but will read the messages anyway).

May the force be with me :stars::earth_africa::sweat_smile:

(Tobias) #2

Congratulation and good luck.

(Daniel Catalina) #3

Good luck (and much force)!

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #4

Good luck David! I’m sure the outcome will be awesome, as anything you are doing!

I went through that some months ago, and I know how much painful (and “casse-pieds”) it can be…


I am not worried about you. :sunny: Thanks for sharing. Good luck!

(dumb) #6

Godspeed. If only G’MIC was enough of a reason for them to give you some awards, you’d have the equivalent of five doctorates by now.


Ah! Somehow missed this. We’ll all chip in on the forum I’m sure in the meantime. Best of luck :slight_smile:

(Pat David) #8

What, no livestream link to watch and ask questions while you defend?! What is this, 1980?!

Good luck, bonne chance, and may the force be with you, always!

(Sebastien Guyader) #9

@David_Tschumperle Bonne chance pour ton HDR !

(Stefan Schmitz) #10

bonne chance


David, I skimmed through your thesis. Skimming, because I neither read much French, and certainly less math. However, my appreciation for you contributions has soared. Thank you so much.

(Cyril LAPORTE) #12

Impressive men !
Keep going :slight_smile:

But just answer THE question : Are SMC red & blue OR Blue & red ?

(Isaac Ullah) #13

Congratullations, @David_Tschumperle ! …and good luck!

I definitely feel your pain, as I am up for tenure over here, which as far as I understand it is the most equivalent thing to Habilitation that we have here in the US academic system. I submitted my tenure file last week, and now it is working its way up through all the committees. I should know by April if I get it or not!!

PS, once you get it, you can finally be called Homo habilis! *

*(this is a terrible archaeology/anthropology pun that I am sorrynotsorry for saying!

(Mica) #14

Best of luck to you too, @Isaac, we’d love to keep you in SoCal :wink:

(Isaac Ullah) #15

Thanks @paperdigits!!

(Lyle Kroll) #16

I know you’ll do well, David. As the ol’ showbiz adage states, “break a leg”. :slight_smile:

(G'MIC staff) #17

:champagne: :gift: Done! :champagne: :sunglasses:
Now back to the business ! :wink:



Van harte gefeliciteerd! (from :netherlands:) Congratulations :partying_face: :+1:


Now, that you’re back, I’d have to inform you that the main Krita maintainer wanted to collaborate with you to fix G’MIC for Krita.

(dumb) #20

That’s our guy! Congratulations and all the best for the future.