Timeline in Darktable not showing correct data

Since Darktable Version 3.2.1 I observe a strange thing regarding the timeline.
According to the timeline I did not take any picture in 2020 except for the last month…

But there are pictures, even some nice ones …
I can use the timeline to filter and the pictures are then collected correctly. It’s just that according to the timeline there are no pics…
I switched to the current dt master (3.3.0+766). But that behavior remains.
Has anybody an idea of what I can do about that?

Not able reproduce with dt 3.3.0+825~gc1df79ba6 on Ubuntu 20.04. Possibly a damage of your database (~/.config/darktable/library.db)? Did you try to switch back to a previous (backup) version of your database (~/.config/darktable/library.db-pre-x.x.x)?

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Thanks @pehar , that helped!