Tips for Zooming Faster

I dont know if it is just me or it is darktable itself. I wanted to ask if there is some way I can zoom in an image relatively faster in darktable. Are there some modules that I should turn off and only turn on later to speed up darktable?

I am using DT 3.2.1 on Windows 10 on relatively older laptop (Intel i7-4910MQ, 16 GB ram with Nvidia Quadro K2100M).

disable denoise (profiled) if you need to edit zoomed in.

I turn on all the denoise modules in the end. Still the zooming takes quite a while. I am not sure if its the windows or my computer or darktable itself.

I’ve noticed that zoom in culling mode is particularly slow, e.g. a delay of a couple of seconds, whereas zooming in the darkroom mode is a lot faster.