Tone Equaliser zoom shortcuts

I set zoom in and zoom out shortcuts to be the = and - key. But when tone equaliser was open, hitting these buttons no longer zoomed, but shifted all my sliders. So I changed zoom in and out shortcuts to be the ] and [ keys, with same result. I change zoom in and out short cuts to shift + and shift -, with same result. This is frustrating. I like keyboard shortcuts for zooming, and I like keyboard shortcuts for tone equaliser sliders, but is there anyway to set the two separately, so my zoom shortcuts actually zoom, and don’t affect the sliders, and my tone equaliser shortcuts affect the sliders, but don’t zoom?
I use darktable 3.2.1, on mac 10.12.6
Much appreciated.

Edit: Also, when zoomed in at 100% I like to click and drag the image across to move to my position (I don’t use navigator - I hide the left panel so image displays larger). But again, with tone equaliser open, I can no longer click and drag the image across. Is there a way to enable click and drag image area with tone equaliser open?

Hold the A key that gives control back from tone eq so you can zoom and pan