Tone equalizer challenge (or alternatives)


I got enormous difficulty in tone mapping this image.
Tone equalizer works great except that it leaves a halo around the dark right corner.
Is anybody able to use tone equalizer here without halos?
Question addressed to darktablers but feel free to post renderings from other software.

IMG_7963_01.cr2.xmp (22.8 KB)
IMG_7963.cr2 (13.1 MB)

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Does this achieve what you want?

IMG_7963.cr2.xmp (5.6 KB)

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I just turned up the edges refinement/feathering slider a bit, seems to have more or less done the trick.

IMG_7963.cr2.xmp (33.0 KB)

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My use of tone eq here is very light, so it is not the cause of the problem. Also, first time using the retouch module - will be peeping at others xmp’s to see how they handled it.

IMG_7963.cr2.xmp (58.0 KB)
darktable 3.2.1

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Mainly done with color balance.

IMG_7963.cr2.xmp (15.5 KB)

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IMG_7963.cr2.xmp (14.7 KB)

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Maybe not.
I disabled TE and noticed that the halo was still there.
Then I disabled filmic and it seemed to have disappeared, but then I had a dull underexposed raw, so I can’t assure for certain that it wasn’t there (but if it is, what would cause that? Lens?)
I’ll take a lool at @Thomas_Do edit later, which seem to have nailed it.
I event tried a basic edit in Art but the halo was present. It seems the high contrast between well defined edges presents a challenge to tone mapping operators (filmic is included in this category, right?)

@gadolf are you using haze removal by any chance? If so, that is known to produce halos if pushed too far…

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I was. I disabled it and the halo almost vanished, but I think I still can see it, but I’m not sure.


IMG_7963.jpg.out.arp (10.7 KB)

I agree, there’s some. Fwiw, I was talking in general terms, perhaps dehaze (and not filmic) is the culprit also in darktable

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Yes its still there. I removed haze removal on my edit for the same result - became less obvious, but still visible.

Filmic tonemaps, yes - but this halo is present even with filmic turned off (just less obvious). I tried two demosaic algorithms (amaze and vng4) and it was present on both. Leads me to believe it is somehow caused by the lens.

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DT 3.3.0+766
Thanks for sharing !

IMG_7963_01.cr2.xmp (11.1 KB)

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IMG_7963.cr2.xmp (26.5 KB)

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ART: haze removal, local contrast, texture boost, tone curve, tone equalizez, no mask

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tone equalizer -> masking -> preserve details - no. The equalizer mask looks better to me this way. Does this help minimizing the halo you mention?
IMG_7963.cr2.xmp (13.8 KB)


It certainly does, although this setting reduces its no-halo effect if you bring up the blacks in the exposure module.

I also liked @wiegemalt’s edit, a very minimalistic one, but very effective.

Common to both, low contrast. Which seems kind of obvious it there is an halo from start.

Tricky image, but fun to play with :smiley:

IMG_7963.cr2.xmp (13.9 KB)

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