Totally New to Rawtherapee

(Gordon Eagling) #1

Using on Ubuntu Studio . Opened first images (Raw NEF) in RT on importing to edit the image goes Green and Black. Read an old post which suggested changing profile to neutral. Fill Mode . but still nothing. I am use Photoshop and lightroom on windoze , but want to master this.

As I said totally new .this morning so please allow for an idijut

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #2

Welcome to the forum @gordo521. Please upload a screenshot and/or the concerned raw file for others to comment meaningfully.

(Gordon Eagling) #3

thank you shreedhar, for the welcome and prompt reply here is a screenshot of one of my raw files in RT.

(Morgan Hardwood) #4
  1. Update to 5.4.

(Gordon Eagling) #5

Just had a look ubuntu studio software after updating still display the version I have . I have no idea of how to do it manually YET,


Hi @gordo521 and welcome!

It not at all complicated to get a more modern version of RawTherapee.

More info here:
or simply use
(you will find the Appimage at the downloads page as well).

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

PS: @Elle did you notice post #3, above? It is green!
[Gordon, don’t get alarmed, it was just an in-house joke…]

(Gordon Eagling) #7

Think post 3 Claes, was feeling a little under the weather. lolol

I’ll have a good look and read many thankshrek-feature

(Rick Scheibner) #8

Gordon, I don’t know how familiar you are with ubuntu, but app releases don’t always get downloaded right away. Try this link to see how you get the release channel of RT so you’re always using the latest update. Or, just switch back over to Windows and download the RT 5.4 version for that. Either way, I think that’s the key to solving your problem. Like you, I’m coming from LR . I’m not going to switch to their subscription model, so I’ve settled on RT as an alternative. I haven’t mastered it yet, but I’m a lot closer than when I started a few months ago. Bottom line: It’s powerful software that’s well worth getting to know. The documentation is really good, but there is a dearth of community-generated, high-quality resources (vids & articles) that show RT’s capabilities in real-world situations. Especially for version 5+. In any event, keep trying to solve your compatibility issue and I think it will be worth your investment of time and efforts.

(Gordon Eagling) #9

Using the new version did the trick. thanks one an all.

Thank you Rick, had a quick look round and found it, feel a little stupid as it was so simple. I suppose because my only other try with any form of linux was 10 years go. Like you I refuse to pay adobe a penny, I bought the last version of LR before they changed to robbing users, and point black refuse despite the pressure you seem to put under my the photography elite.

I have also installed RT on my windoze 10 laptop so will have a double learning platform. looking forward to this

(Rick Scheibner) #10

Hit me up if you get stuck and need some help on anything. Chances are I haven’t come across it yet but we can learn it together. :slight_smile: We’re getting a new computer soon, and I will probably not transfer my old LR over to it.

(Gordon Eagling) #11

Will do my friend. was hoping to send you a message with email addy, but cannot find any button to do so. I have put a link to my youpic page can contact me from there if you wish. thanks again for help and encouragement