Translating Local Adjustments into german language


looking forward to the next dev or release 5.9, for my own better understanding, i started to translate the Local Adjustments into german.

I learned, I am far away to bring this to end, because LA contains some really tricky algorythm, tools and expressions i dont understand yet. Therefore i did not yet open an issue at Github.

At the moment I have three questions:

  1. ) The tooltip of the button in the toolbar (Local - Shortcut: Alt-o) cannot be translated, its missing in the default file. Does this mean, its hardcoded?

  2. ) Am i doing redundance work? Is there already some translation in progress and i missed this information?

  3. ) If not: Whoever will do the final translation (@TooWaBoo?), i would like to share, what i have done until now to have it as a basis for further work and of course, i will continue and support.

Thanks for any information


Do you mean you are translating the GUI labels and tooltips? Or the RawPedia documentation?

If it’s the GUI and you already have one of the latest builds, then you should search for these 2 entries in the default language file:


Located in lines 1559-1560, or around that.

About points 2 and 3, I can’t answer to them. Sorry

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@marter Great to see you started working on a translation! Afaik, nobody had started it before, and there is no exclusivity for it. Please make an issue on GitHub to just notify everybody you’re working on it, and so that we can discuss any difficult translations there.

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Hi @XavAL, thanks for your answer, i was translating the gui- labels, this seems priority for me. after this will be finished, i surely will check the RawPedia documentation.

Your hint was correct, and i found the two lines… works fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot!

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Hi, @Thanatomanic,

thanks for your answer. I will start an issue. First need to learn, how to use it there, may be: will i have to upload a not yet finished file?

Hi @marter,

thanks for offering help for german translation. Much appreciated :+1: . Though being a native german speaker myself, I don’t have the time to translate the gui to german. But I offer my help to review your translations.


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Hi @heckflosse,

thanks for your offer! But be aware, I am sure i will need a lot of help :wink:


No problem at all :+1:

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as supposed by @Thanatomanic i just opened an issue at github: