Tree, lights and clouds

tree.clouds.light_16.rw2.xmp (57.8 KB)

I modified filmic rgb and local contrast 1. To take out more contrast of the trunk and branches from this point requires open-heart surgery. :grin:

Edit: Actually, there is one easy change: turn off filmic altogether. I like the result even better.

And a little work on exposure.
tree.clouds.light_20.rw2.xmp (45.1 KB)

Edit 2: When you look at the perfect glow of the sunlight across the fields and the marvelous clouds, this is Ansel Adams-like in capturing the right moment.



Well this is the orange and teal look! :nerd_face:

Trying a creative direction…
dt 3.4.0

tree.clouds.light.rw2.xmp (44.9 KB)


:blush: I meant as a general look. This was one of the motifs where it fits wonderfully.

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I love seeing creative edits done based on my Play Raws. It’s always interesting to see what others come up with.

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