Trying to turn two consecutive sets of pictures into two groups produces one large group; unless the first one is collapsed

When working with HDRs, I like to combine the source pictures and the result into a group. When I have grouped n pictures and select the following m pictures in order to make a second group, I end up with one large group of n+m pictures, UNLESS I first collapse the first group, which is annoying.

If you’re asking for. a change in behavior or trying to report a bug, the github issue tracker is the correct place.

Thanks for the advice. I moved the issue there with some further explaneation.

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My question is an off topic tangent question so please be tolerant and forgive me. Have you had success using the HDR feature in DT to combine exposures? can you get nice results? I have only had very disappointing results when I have tried this option in DT.

No problem, Terry. However, I was already using external software for HDRs before I started with darktable. SNS-HDR, a windows program that can also run under wine in linux produces very nice and subtle results, not over-the-top as some others. For this reason I was not even tempted to use darktable for HRDs, sorry.

Thanks for the information. As I have said I have not had good results with HDR creation in DT, so I still use programs like Lightroom if I need a HDR. But maybe I just don’t know how to use DT’s HDR feature well.