tuning film simulation section

is it possible to add protect “skin tone and saturated colours” function to the film simulation
also control separate saturation for light and dark areas

What would be the purpose of this? The film simulation tool is based on lookup tables (HALDCLUT) which replaces the color of all pixels of the image by the color from the table. Some kind of skin tone protection should then be inluded in the table alread so that “red” is replaced by “red”

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this, i dont need that. it work pretty lame with skin tone
so i need moove to left strength slider to dilute whole image. only because of that. this is pointless. some sections (lab adjustments,vibrance) already have these settings. so i think it will be
great to add these options to film simulation section. if it’s not hardcoded work. anyway thanx all coders for this brilliant program

just give me a tool and i will find a purpose :weight_lifting_man:

I’m sure that there are some LUTs geared towards portraiture, and it seems you’re not using a LUT that is geared towards portraits. There are other ways to achieve color shifts and color grading in RT, why not explore those?

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you can use the parametric mask to isolate the skin tones then invert the mask to pass them through the lut module. You can also use the parametric mask to select shadows or highlights.

probably not going to produce a nice result though, you’d be better off finding a lut that handles the skin tones to your liking. For what its worth the main reason I like the lut module is because it can compress skin tone hues in a pleasing way.

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thanks all
seems nobody need it sadly
at least i tried

I’m thinking - if some kind of ‘white balance picker’ could be applied to the LUT.
How it could work: user picks a color, then RT will ’ color balance’ the LUT to that this selected color is the same on output as on input.
However this may/will destroy or hurt the ‘looks’ of the LUT. Remember the LUT is designed for example to create a faded look with shifted colors, you can’t correct that. And black and white… - no way that gets its color back!
I think my proposal thus is also impossible.
Another thought: you know that the CLUTs are easily editable, right? Open them, adjust (adding red for example) and save. And then you have a new CLUT with more red.
So my recommendation is: apply LUT, edit color to taste, save settings.
Then open LUT image, apply settings to it, and save new LUT.
Then you have a LUT that protects the colors you want.