Tweak CSS is not working for me in Windows 10

Greetings, glad to join you. I’m happy with Darkroom but know there’s a lot to learn. I saw the CSS tweaks in the preferences. However, when I tried to make the UI text white, nothing happened. Anyone know what I might have done wrong?

Hi @Curtis_Cooper, welcome to the forum!

Can you share the CSS you used? The CSS is quite specific GTK-style CSS.

I would like to make the background even darker and the text white for increased contrast. Thanks!

Presumably you clicked “save and apply” and tried restarting darktable? I’ve tried this on Linux and it seems to work fine. If you start darktable from the command prompt do you see any errors on the console?

Yes, I did. I ran the following in the Windows PowerShell:
PS C:\Program Files> D:
PS D:\Apps> cd .\darktable\bin
PS D:\Apps\darktable\bin> .\darktable.exe

After changing the color and hitting Save and Apply, I got no error messages.

Hmm, looks like it did have an effect after restarting Darktable, although I have not yet discovered the setting to make the fonts white.

Wait, I was wrong. I kept tweaking the colors in that panel, hit Save and Apply, and restart DT; no effect.

Works fine for me on Linux. We have a couple of such OS issues with CSS but Windows developers are a little thin on the ground.

Thanks for your reply. Is there a log file we can inspect?

@elstoc Curtis I use windows . If I get sometime I will go back and try it. It was my opinion that I was just doing something wrong when this first came out I tried a couple of things and it didn’t seem to take effect. I was just tinkering and so it wasn’t important. But maybe there is a windows issue. I had just assumed I was doing something wrong with the CSS code and it was ignored as such…

I’ll try to hack the darktable.css file, but if the issue isn’t some sort of parsing problem, that won’t work either.

It’s more likely a GTK problem, but I code all day long and am not eager to dive into the details.

If that may help, I tried these styles on the MacOS 3.5 version, it works fine.