Un-installing old versions of Rawtherapee

I just installed the latest dev build of Rawtherapee. Now I have about 5 versions on my Windows PC. Being the tidy sort—digitally, anyway—I’d like to clean out the old. I found an un-install file for each version. but when I open one of those files, I am asked if I really want to uninstall Rawtherapee, no version mentioned. So I don’t know if I’m going to uninstall just the version specified by the name of the uninstall file, or ALL the versions of RT on my machine. Does anybody know what will happen if I press YES? Has anyone dared?

Lets answer these first: No, and No. But…

This RawPedia page: File Paths describes RawTherapees directory locations and naming (for all 3 OS’s). Naming depends on the version used. Based on this you might get a long way with cleaning old stuff manually.

All configuration files that are influenced by the user are in the Config section (make a copy of these before you start cleaning). Out-of-the-box there will be no configuration files outside this config directory.

If you’ve set custom directories do remember to have a look at the Custom config and cache folders section as well.

You can remove all of the Cache related directories. These might grow rather big over time and cleaning them every so often is a good idea to begin with. All relevant data will be re-stored there if needed and it will only be a temporary decrease in performance (if any…).

Anyway, hope this helps a bit with your cleaning action.

PS: I’m on Linux and move/remove add and delete (parts of) RawTherapee all the time in my test environment without any problems.