Upcoming book about darktable 3

Just found out via a german DSLR-forum that someone writes a book about darktable 3 in german language.

Title: That’s how it works in darktable 3
Subtitle: import, edit and manage photos

It will be released about march 2020 in the dpunkt.verlag, one of the bigger publishing companies in germany.

Description: Enough from software-abos? Learn the handling of darktable 3 and realise your complete workflow with the free image editing software. All relevant function are explained with examples, from installation to the editing and management techniques.

The author is computer scientist and published some books about astronomy before.


That’s very interesting indeed… does anybody know the guy? I mean has anybody actually met him? What do we know about him? Is he a member of pixls.us?

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I just found out today that the book is published for half a year already. I stumbled upon it in a full-spread advertisement in the “free” (as in beer) magazine fotoespresso by the same publisher. It’s shown together with two other books, one about digital darkroom in photoshop/lightroom and the other about luminar 4. It seems that darktable is mainstreem now :wink:.

Disclaimer: I have not looked into the book and therefore cannot tell if it is a good one or not. I just found it interesting enough to mention the finding. However, it seems to sell not too bad (amazon ranking):

(OK, half of the books in these lists are not about photography, so this is maybe not too useful …)

In these lists I just stumbled upon a second book: Darktable - Fotos verwalten und bearbeiten, which is just about to be released and already ranking 15 in the second category. Interesting. Again, no idea how good it is.

Both authors’ first name is “Michael” – maybe that’s a criterion for writing darktable books :wink:.

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Hi, thanks for the interesting hint. I have the older book somehwere on my ssd. I think it does not mention filmic. The problem with books about darktable is that they need a lot of time to be read and checked by the publisher and by the time they are available their content is already obsolete. Well and darktable is a program that is developed very dynamically and changes quickly.
But apparently publishing houses start to think that they can make money with books about darktable…


Did anybody have a look at the book?

I have both books (Michael Moltenbrey and Michael Gradias).

Moltenbrey uses 3.0 and does not mention filmic at all.
Gradias uses 3.2.1, describes basecurve in detail, but there is a chapter describing all modules, so there are 4 pages covering filmic as well.

There was an article in the magazine “c’t Linux” describing darktable in detail on 9 pages, where filmic was even recommended instead of the basecurve (https://shop.heise.de/bundle-ct-linux-2021-heft-pdf).

The author (Anna Simon) also mentions Aureliens pixls-post about rbg/lab (see https://www.ct.de/wa24)

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