update to digikam 6.0 - mysql database

(Nadine Candelaresi) #1

I love digikam and I tried to update yesterday.
Worked so far but it seems there are problems with my mysql database.
It is not possible to find duplicates. Also “Find Similar” doesn’t show a result. I know there must be some, because I’ve worked on that with v5.9.
I created new fingerprints and nothing changed.
Can somebody please help?

All the best and keep on the amazing work.



I would let it run overnight and try again after. Also it might make sense to look at the terminal output after starting the duplicate search.


(Nadine Candelaresi) #3

I missed to give it the table digikam-similar. After that it worked fine.
It is a little bit slow in finding similars but that might be a problem of my network. The files are stored on a diskstation.