Updated to V5.4 and lost my edits. Any way to get them back?


I don’t keep the sidecar files next to my images, instead I selected the option “Save Processing Profile to Cache”. So I’m assuming that when I reinstalled V5.4 the cache got cleared / overwritten, unless there’s some way to recover it? I think I’m SOL, but figured I’d ask. I checked where the cache is supposed to be (which is ~/Library/Application Support/RawTherapee/cache/) - but it doesn’t exist. In fact, there is no RawTherapee folder in Application Support. I’m using the Mac version. I read about this issue on Macs in another post here.


Is there anything rawtherapee in the ~/Library/Application Support folder?


Yes, as I mentioned above, there is no mention of RT in that folder.


I also wanted to add that I did see another post on here from a Mac user who didn’t have the RT folder in application support. Maybe that folder is no longer used?


Weird. Works here… wonder where your cache is going over there. Which macOS are you using?


See if there is a RT folder in ~/.config
I found some RT 5.3 folders there.

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Search your drive for a folder called aehistograms.