updatexyz.gmic not up to date

Seemingly server side generation of updatexyz.gmic file is stalled?!

I don’t see why the auto-update doesn’t work anymore, will investigate later (I’m not at the lab right now).
I run manual updates until it’s fixed.

It should be fixed now !

Seemingly again server side generation od update271.gmic is hampered!

Looks good to me : https://gmic.eu/gui_filters.txt
Do you have some missing stuffs in it ?

Hmm, I have changed a little in gmic-community, but it is not changed in the update file after due time. Possibly my mixing of cli and gui comments is not digested.

e.g. gmic h fx_karo_mm_diff does not show my changes. The help text is cut off.

I see just from update271.gmic on gmic.eu “Last-Modified: Mon, 02 Sep 2019 10:54:44 GMT”!

By the way, where should gui_filters.txt be located, with which content ?