Urban exploring

I went on a urban exploring shoot with the fotoclub Huttwil. It was an amazing experience.

And here my absolute favorite shot of the set:

A instance of diffuse and sharpen with bloom preset and multiply blendmode gives this one a nice atmospheric feel, i think.


If I came out of a photo outing with that many good shots I’d be a very happy camper. Great stuff.

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My favorite subjects, well done!

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Thank you for your reply. I am glad you liked my photos. I thhink there are more compositions in that location worth photographing. Maybe there will be another opportunity to wisit that factory once more. So stay tuned. Maybe i will be able to go gain.

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I’ve spent the last few months properly exploring my home town and I always find something new every time I walk a route, often just better shots of the same compositions, after I’ve had time to absorb and consider my earlier efforts.