User manual 4.8 Not Found?

Anything about when the usermanual for 4.8.0 will surface?
Why is it delayed more than a few days?

Not currently.

The very few people who volunteer to write it haven’t had time or energy to write it.

The docs are open, and pretty much literally anyone can help out, but very few people every actually do.


I would like to set this up on the host but there isnt even a 4.8 branch yet. all the scripts and the config on the host are prepared for 4.8 now.

Hmmm yes I will branch off in the morning.

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I keep asking for contributors; I keep watching the tumbleweed.


A container has been connected to version 4.8 showing:
composite (placeholder), empty.

Is there an ETA for the completion?

I’m not sure there’s even an ETA for starting. I still don’t understand why developers won’t write documentation for their own features.


In some contexts the saying is “the job isn’t finished before the paperwork is done”.
Ought that also to be a requirement before new dt functions are finally merged into the main branch?

Not my decision I’m afraid

More people could help? Then there would be less work