using digikam/showfoto for noise reduction

I’m new on this forum, but not on photo nor digikam.
I make mostly photos on rock gigs at night. You can imagine the conditions: fast moving, mostly low and very variable light.

So, what ever camera I use I have noise. I often have to shoot at very high ISO, namely 12500 or 25600.

To reduce the noise at an acceptable level, the better tool I know is noiseware. But it’s a Windows product. As I use mostly Digikam to manage my photos, I want to achieve a similar result with it.

so go to digikam noise module.

but there I have several point I don’y understand.

What is the use of “estimate noise”? I see absolutely no result.

then three color two parameters:

gate (seuil in french) and softness (douceur in french). What do his mean exactly?


Salut, @jdd & Welcome!

Yes, I can imagine your shooting conditions, and believe that you presumably also have tricky white balance problems.

I am absolutely not the right person to advice you, since I have not used digikam/showfoto very much. However, since you have not received a single reply in 4 hours :frowning: I could at least try to give some assistance…

A few questions:

  • at ISO12500 and ISO25600, does your camera deliver RAW files or just .jpg?
  • Camera?
  • Linux? Distro?

What is the use of “estimate noise”?

If I remember it correctly, if selected, it estimates(!) what values are suitable for that particular image. You can see the suggested values in the middle of the sliders.

Threshold = The value below which everything is considered noise.

Softness = The amount of noise still left in the image.


Claes en Lund, La Suède

I haven’t used the tool myself but maybe this will help:

Scroll down to “Noise reduction” section

I have both jpg and raw files (I have many cameras, at the moment canon eos 5dmkiii, nikon d7000, panasonic gx80).
I use openSUSE leao 42.3 but, digikam appimage (5.7 only, not yet tested v6).

estimate works but then as lon as it’s ticked, the sliders are blurred and inactive


thanks. I saved this page for future use. I didn’t have time to read all :frowning: and specifically do not see what version of digikam is studied, because I dond’t see where I can set all these parameters, I have no “advanced” option in my digikam 5.7