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New to RawTherapee having recently moved over from Lightroom/Photoshop. I’ve managed to set up Affinity Photo as external editor and open an image there from within RT. I’m confused about what happens after I finish editing in AP. With PS as the external editor for LR, when I did File/Save the edited photo showed up in Lightroom along with the original, unedited image. When I do the same with RT and AP, the image in RT doesn’t update. So my questions are:

  1. What happens to the image when I finish editing in AP? Do I have to save it from AP or is there a way to get RT to update with the edited version?

  2. The documentation mentions a temp file (below) and I am not sure what this is for - where RT puts the image for the external editor or where the external editor puts the edited file:

The default location is the one stored in the $TEMP environment variable, which is usually %LOCALAPPDATA%/Temp
If you do not have the $TEMP environment variable set, C:\ is used.

  1. Where is this temp file? I don’t understand the file path shown above.


As you have written it, you already save the editings in PS, so you have to do the same in AP.

Most probably the difference is that by default PS saves the edited image next to the raw file, while in AP you will have to point to the folder where the raw is located (just a bit extra work).

Once you save the edited file next to the raw file, RT will show it automatically in the File Browser. Well, unless you save it in a file format not shown by default by RT (like PNG files). In such case you can set to show that file extension in RT Preferences.

About the temp file: don’t worry too much about it. Even though LR/PS doesn’t tell you, any raw processor develops the image and stores it in a temp file when sending it to an external app (PS can’t edit raw files).

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Exporting from AP to the same folder as the original image, File Browser does show the edited image. Thanks.

Re. the temp file, it’s just that the documentation says that you might want to empty it out after a while. Just curious how to get to it in Windows 10.

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I found out how: In Windows search bar type run. In the Run app, type TEMP with percent sign before the T and percent sign after the P (not sure why this is not letting me include them).

If you want to show preformatted text, type a back-tick (to the left of the 1 on your keyboard) before and after the text: %TEMP%

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