Utility of the "Border" option (?)

I noticed that in the “RAW” panel the “Border” slider has a default value of “7”. This way in the final file, 7 pixels per side are cropped. What is the usefulness of this clipping? Are there any problems setting the slider to “0” to avoid this cut?


The quality (interpolation) of the border pixels is worse. For that reason the border defaults to 7 for xtrans and 4 for bayer.



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I do find having access to border pixels to be useful for post stabilization on handheld Blackmagic Pocket video footage, by raw processing export to 1952x1112 using Rawtherapee CLI and then center crop and stabilize in Davinci Resolve, so having access to the edge pixels is useful in that instance, where they are probably only visible briefly for a few frames, minimizing the amount of cropping needed.