v 0.99.10: no auto unfold in image processing tab

Downloaded version 0.99.10 a few days ago and like it so far. I use it mainly for processing.
Very cool that the photometric color calibration now remembers the last used settings for focal length and pixel size :+1:
I did encounter a bug though: when using the Image Processing tab, the features with multiple actions do not unfold automatically anymore. I now have to click it to unfold instead of the normal hovering above it, so it unfolds.

This is not a bug, but a feature.
New menu in GTK style.

Ah ok. I thought it was a bug since it’s not handy and with processing bigger FITS files the animation of the “unfolding” is a bit like in slow motion. With previous beta it all was smooth and fast?
No critique, just an observation :smiley: