v5.8/Windows 10, Resize doesn't work

Hi, I’m new to RawTherapee, I installed v5.8 on my Windows 10.
When I set an image to resize from 6000x4000px to the width of 1600px (whole image, Lanczos) I then click “Save current Image”, however when the image is saved, it is still original size.

Did I miss some step to actually perform the Resize operation? There is no “Resize” or “Apply” button. How can I perform the Resize operation?

Thanks for help.

@photix Welcome to the community!
Did you check that the Resize module is actually activated? It has a little icon to do that. See here: http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/General_Comments_About_Some_Toolbox_Widgets#Tools


Hi Roel,
thanks for giving me this hint. That did the trick! I’m now a happy new RawTherapee user.

Best regards, Timmo