Vehicular Evacuation Art

On a walk in my neighbourhood today I noticed this tunnel of car vacuum installations. I have very little past experience in editing for texture and shape; wanting to preserve the reflections on the fender of the front car, yet also enhance the contrast of the arches. The attached RAW is colour, but colour (especially of the blue sky) distracts the eye, IMO. Then again, the red of Colonel Sanders’ franchise does help pick out the furthest arches from the background. Your mileage may vary.


2022-06-18_14-15-14.72_DSC8004.NEF (21.6 MB)

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2022-06-18_14-15-14.72_DSC8004.NEF.xmp (7.7 KB)

Edit: RAW and sidecar uploaded again.


Hi Martin,

Something did not go as planned, you need to re-upload your RAW and sidecar…


My version…

2022-06-18_14-15-14.72_DSC8004.NEF.xmp (17.4 KB)

2022-06-18_14-15-14.72_DSC8004.NEF.xmp (16.4 KB)

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Interesting. Are there signs telling people not to climb these structures? :children_crossing:

Not that I noticed, however the car-wash business conditions probably includes some warning/disclaimer of responsibility.

Some rough suggestions for enhancing the tunnel mainly by locally eliminating/dampen distractions (dt 3.8.1)

2022-06-18_14-15-14.72_DSC8004.NEF.xmp (29.5 KB)