Video Mapping Natron


(Luis) #1

Hello, I dont’t know if this is the place to do it. But I am in kind of a problem to find out some features.
I am not a pro user of Natron but I want to compare it with Smode and ask if someone can tell me the possibilities to video mapping with Natron, real time video output, and mesh fixing etc
Best regardas Luis Arandas

(Omar Brown) #2

Natron doesn’t have video mapping features like SMODE.

(Frédéric Devernay) #3

no real-time video output.
Natron supports UV texturing using the STmap plugin. Just render the UV coordinates for your mesh. You can search for UV texturing tutorials for Nuke on the web.

( #4

natron would have to have a low version resolution or dirty

( #5 It is of the best that found in Software Libre.

I thought to put in each projector a raspberry and use this:

(Luis) #6

I am probably going to use Smode or Mapmap (i prefer this one but doesnt handle real time video)
I want something just to receive video from syphon or spout that I can map the outcome. I talk about these too because I am a fan of the open source. At least free

( #7

I prefer always the free software.